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Re: Why good ontology is good for science

Hi Janna,

This is an excellent summary and very much in line with our own advocacy. I will keep this link as another supporting viewpoint. As for additional benefits, I would submit the following:

6. Better discovery and navigation; each node in the graph becomes a new faceted entry point, which means users can approach the information space in the manner they deem best

7. Improved search via the use of inferencing and full concept descriptions (what we term "semsets", which means the combination of a definition/description, prefLabels, altLabels (synonyms and related, such as acronyms and aliases) and hiddenLabels (misspellings)

8. Basis for information extraction (IE) and tagging of text and unstructured content

9. Uniform treatment is user interfaces (where various label/annotation conventions are recognized by the ontology-driven apps)

10. Because of the open world assumption, an expandable schema that can adopt new concepts and knowledge without adversely impacting what is already in the system.

I'll stop with those. ;)


Re: Why good ontology is good for science

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